Sunday, March 1, 2015

The Professor

Welcome to Fashionably Fifties!

First up, an outfit for the guys!  From Knocker's Daddy-O line of  '50s clothing for men we have "The Professor".

The Professor

You can create almost any color combo with the HUD
This stylish outfit for the modern man on the go features everything you need for business or play.  Included are some dapper shoes, freshly creased trousers, shirt, vest, jacket, and to bring it all together, a bow tie.

This outfit looks comfortable!
All of these items except for the shoes can be altered with the included Color Change HUD, giving you a multitude of fashion choices, keeping you looking fresh no matter how long you wear it (and let's face it, most of us guys don't change our outfits except maybe once a month).

I don't have a mesh body, so I have not tested it with any male mesh bodies.  If someone has tested it, please IM me and let me know how it fits, and I'll update this post.

This outfit can be purchased online or at any Knockers store, including the one in Retroville!